Luis G. Celestino
Artists statement 2014

Luis G. Celestino, considers himself to be a blazing preservationist yearning to
assure that all things in nature and time are conserved and remain in one’s mind
and beyond. A wishful and aspiring purveyor of time through his artistry, he
believes that the past can be the ultimate driving force of your future; One’s past
and the memories of the past are the contents of one’s time capsule which fuels
a person’s future and destiny.
A conflicted individual he reveres the present moment immensely; striving
passionately to immaculately file it for a future memory lane visit. This conflict
however manifests itself in beautiful photographs of people, events, places,
objects, nature and more. This conflict resulted from years of missed captured
moments. Growing up people would disappear; moments and events would go
by so fast, without a single solid trace or document to remind him of those times
later in his life. His only point of reference was his memory and tales of the
events passed on by others. He desperately wanted to have reminders of events
passed. Reminders of his own life history…
Mr. Celestino captures and can seize different sensations regardless of the
subject matter. A rose garden verses a dilapidated neighborhood; a beautiful
individual with a sculptured physique verses a street covered in graffiti. No matter
what the subject matter your minds eye will be in awe and astonished when
discerning his work.
However there is a hidden common ground in all of Mr. Celestino’s work.
Present glory and glory long gone. The beautiful Sculptured individual or the rose
garden will always have this documented memory of their present glory while the
photograph of the dilapidated neighborhood or the street covered in graffiti will be
the reminder of the glory long gone.
Mr. Celestino a graduate of the UCLA Photography Certification program, has
and continues to have a stance, through the lens of his camera, like none other.
Edgy and impatient to capture what would be a memory in a short while, he is
invigorated by the after-effect. Revitalized by the antiphon his conceptions
receive he continues to enrich his skill and proficiency while contributing to the
art of photography.